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Custom T-shirt Quilts

All of us have T-shirts from our kid's sporting events, school activities and clubs. Ever wonder what to do with them? Unfortunately, most of them sit in a drawer and eventually end up in a rag box. How about making the T-shirts into a quilt?

  • This is a great way to display youth accomplishments and life memories.
  • T-shirt quilts are not just for sports, either. How about a quilt to reserve memories of those favorite vacations or to honor and memorialize a loved one.
  • T-shirt quilts are a great remembrance, for each square uniquely tells a story.
  • These quilts make great graduation and going away gifts for students.

I started making quilts in 2000 when I made one for my husband. I made a quilt for our bed from the t-shirts of our daughter, who passed away from cancer.

I love making t-shirt quilts! I get to meet a lot of interesting people and learn about their many accomplishments and important memories. Won't you let me make one for you?

Memory Bears

"Memory Bears" is about turning that article of clothing into a memorable gift.

My memory bears are made from special articles of clothing from your loved ones. The bears are made from the clothing of those special people gone from our lives or a way to celebrate the life of someone special still here.....maybe the new baby, a bear made from his parents clothes. Or, did your child have a favorite blanket? Turn the frayed blanket into a bear.

Bears have a better result when used with t-shirts, sweatshirts, flannel and cotton. Avoid stretchy fabrics and nylons.

I will help you in your selection process.

Sandy Danek, owner
"T's" Are The Times to Remember

Check out my featured quilt for this month. See if it inspires you!
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"T's" Are The Times to Remember Handmade Quilt

Memory Bears

"T's" Are The Times to Remember Handmade Quilt

"T's" Are The Times to Remember
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